Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Having proper insurance is very important. While most people have home, auto, and medical insurance coverage, another important type of insurance coverage to have is personal umbrella insurance.  For those that are in the Addison, TX area, understanding your umbrella insurance needs and the benefits is very important.  There are several situations in which someone would benefit from having an umbrella insurance policy.

Those with Higher Risks of Liability

One situation in which you should have umbrella liability insurance is if you have a higher level of risk. If you are a business owner, have young drivers in your family, or have other risk factors that increase your chances of being found liable for any type of incident, having access to additional liability insurance could be very beneficial. An umbrella insurance policy will provide you with additional personal liability insurance beyond what you have in your home or auto insurance policies.

Those with More Assets

If you have a high personal net worth and are known to have a lot of liquid assets, you are more likely to be a target for a potential liability lawsuit if an accident occurs. Due to the potential risk of having a lawsuit come after your personal assets beyond your home and auto liability coverage, having an umbrella policy in place could be a good idea.  Furthermore, if you have an umbrella insurance policy the insurance provider will be able to handle a lot of the legal negotiations for you.  This can help to reduce the amount of stress you spend on the situation.

If you are in the Addison, TX area and need umbrella insurance, you should contact McClure Capital Inc.  McClure Capital Inc. will be able to help you better determine your needs and get you into the right policy.

3 Types of Commercial Coverage Every Small Businessman Needs

As a small business owner, you undoubtedly carry a lot of responsibilities. Finding the right commercial insurance coverage for your budding enterprise should be a priority. Commercial insurance coverage from McClure Capital Inc. will protect your Addison, TX business against financial loss due to storm damage, theft or fire. The following coverage is a must for small business owners looking to succeed in their line of business.

Property Insurance

Commercial property coverage protects your building and everything in it, so you don’t have to replace these valuable assets out of pocket. If your building were to suffer storm or fire damage, property insurance will pay for repair or replacement costs. Business personal property coverage will pay damage or replacement costs of office furniture, equipment, and products – everything you need to stay in operation after a loss. In addition to fire and storms, property insurance can protect you from theft, vandalism and malicious acts.

General Liability

When you own a small business, you need to be prepared for any eventuality to include accidents on your property. General liability coverage pays for medical expenses or property damage sustained by others due to an accident on your property. This protection also extends to injuries caused by your company’s services or products. By assessing your risks for accidents, you can determine how much liability coverage you need.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance to protect their interests. Workers’ comp pays for medical expenses and lost income of workers who are injured on the job. By making safety a priority in your work environment, you can reduce the risk of accidents and lower workers’ compensation insurance costs.

If you’re looking for commercial coverage to protect your small business, contact us at McClure Capital Inc. in Addison, TX. We can fill all your commercial insurance needs.

How Life Insurance Can Protect Your Family

Unfortunately, life does not guarantee that family owners will always be there to cater for their loved ones. This alone emphasizes the need for a life insurance from McClure Capital Inc. In the event of the unimaginable, your family can find some financial security from it.

Aside from this, the fact that you’ve got life insurance will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Regardless of what happens, you are confident that your family will be supported. All you need is the right insurance company like McClure Capital Inc.

Since you can’t predict the future, you save your family from uncertainties ahead by helping them plan for it with life insurance. If you are seeking to know how life insurance can protect your family in Addison, TX, please read on.

Cash value

You can effectively build up cash value for your family with a permanent life insurance policy. Interestingly, your family can benefit from this life insurance scheme even while you are still living. For financial projects like investing in a business, paying school tuition, making a downpayment on home etc. you can borrow against your built-up cash value which can be used as a loan.

Medical bills

If you die as a result of a health-related issue that chalked up a significant amount of medical bills, life insurance can ease the financial burden on your loved ones by helping to pay them off.

Final expenses

In Addison, TX, the cost of final expenses is usually enormous as they often amount to thousands of dollars. A life insurance policy will be helpful at this point as long as you don’t want to trouble your family with it. Among other things, it will help to offset the payment of the burial and funeral service.

Financial security

Upon your passing, your family will be liable to some financial protection that can provide assistance with their basic needs such as child care, food, mortgage payments etc.

What Home Insurance Add On Options Are Available?

Your home likely is one of, if not the most valuable one-time investment you’ll make in your life. Because of this, you need to make sure it is properly protected. While you may already have home insurance, not all home insurance policies are created equal, nor do each fit every homeowner. That is why we at McClure Capital Inc. want to help assist you in finding the best overall home insurance coverage for your house, whether you live in Addison, TX or one of the surrounding communities.

Home Based Business coverage

Do you run your own business out of the house? If so, you may not be properly covered. If all you use is your computer for work, you’ll likely be fine, but if you have any additional kind of equipment, a stock of merchandise or other items business related, these items will not be protected in the event of an accident or disaster. Instead of starting over with building up your stock and investing in new equipment, home-based business coverage is a must.

Sink Hole Coverage

You’ve probably seen images of sink holes on the news before. When these sudden sinkholes occur, entire houses can be swallowed whole. Sadly, most home owner’s insurance plans do not cover sinkholes. As you may need an entire re-build (on top of needing to move from the current location), this is coverage to consider.

Liability Insurance

If someone is injured on your property (such as falling down stairs or tripping on the sidewalk), liability insurance can protect you from lawsuits.

Here at McClure Capital Inc., we want to assist you with your home insurance needs. From basic coverage to add on options, when working with McClure Capital Inc you’ll have access to a variety of coverage plans and services.

Introduction to Collision Coverage

All drivers in the Addison, TX area are required to have automobile insurance. If your vehicle is financed, your lender may require an active collision policy. What is collision insurance and how does it protect you in the event of an accident?

What is Collision Coverage?

A car accident can destroy property and cause catastrophic injuries. Your regular automobile insurance covers medical bills and damage you cause to other cars. If you are found to be at fault for a car accident, you may not receive any payments for your own damaged vehicle.

Collision coverage pays you, or the vehicle’s owner, when damage or loss occurs. An insurance adjuster will estimate the cost of repairs. When repairs are possible, your collision coverage will pay the mechanic. If the potential costs exceed the value of the vehicle, the adjuster will declare the vehicle a total loss. In that case, your collision coverage will issue payment for the full value of the vehicle after adjusting for depreciation.

The insurance agents at McClure Capital Inc. can help you customize an automobile insurance policy to cover all of your major concerns.

Do You Need Collision Coverage?

Collision coverage is not required by Texas state law. However, many lenders will insist on these policies for the length of your payment schedule. These policies guarantee that the lender will be paid, no matter what happens to the vehicle.

After you pay off your loan, collision coverage continues to protect your investment. If your car is wrecked in an accident, your collision policy will help you get repairs or replace your totaled automobile.

Collision policies usually cover all of the drivers on your policy. These policies are great for families with teen drivers who don’t always drive as carefully as they should.

Would you like to know more about how collision insurance can protect your family? Contact the experts at McClure Capital Inc for more information on insuring your vehicle in the Addison, TX area.

Auto Insurance Premiums And Your Marriage Status

Your marriage status in Addison, Texas is actually very important. When you want to get quotes on insurance premiums, agents are going to ask you whether you are married or not. Those who are married get better rates while those who are not, do not.

Why is this?

Insurance companies view married couples as lower risk. There have been plenty of statistics to show that married drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents than single drivers. One study in New Zealand actually showed that never married drivers were double the risk of those of married drivers.

This means that when your marital status changes to married, you can benefit. You will be seen as a lower risk and therefore be given more affordable auto insurance premiums.

If one of you add the other to your current policy and cancels the other, you now only have one policy. The multi-driver or multi-car discount can be substantial, and this will vary from carrier to carrier as well as based upon all of the other factors.

Now, the one thing that you do have to look at is whether both of you have safe driving records or not. It may be necessary for one of you to clean up your record before you combine policies simply because it will be more affordable for you to keep them separate at this point in time.

There are plenty of things to explore as soon as your marital status changes, and you don’t want to try and do it alone. Even if you have been with the same insurance company for years, getting quotes can be very advantageous.

At McClure Capital, Inc. we have independent insurance agents to help you find auto insurance that is affordable in Addison. You can call us at any time to get quotes and find out more about how being married can impact your premiums.


3 Reasons Umbrella Insurance Could Save You in a Tough Spot

It’s normal to amass wealth as time goes by. People may buy property, stocks, expensive collectibles, shoes, but they may fail to realize just how much at risk those things are should something happen to them. For all the things that are important to you, there are ways to protect what has taken you a lifetime to acquire. Umbrella insurance is meant to cover everything that normal insurance doesn’t cover, and it may be more comforting than you think.

It Covers Your Liability

What happens if you’re sued after your mailman trips on a branch in your yard? Whether the claim has merit or not, do you know how you’d cover all the litigation bills if you needed to fight the claim? Umbrella insurance is there for those in Addison, TX when bills exceed the limit of your legal coverage.

It Protects Everything

Umbrella insurance from McClure Capital Inc. is flexible enough to cover practically anything you could possibly imagine. So if you’ve recently spent hundreds of dollars to get some exotic plants into your garden in Addison, TX, you can be assured that those plants will be replaced if something happens to them. If you have the bare minimum of home insurance coverage, it likely wouldn’t be able to restore your full garden back to its original condition.

It Gives You Someone to Call

McClure Capital Inc. has seen just how helpful it can be for people to have a port in the proverbial storm. When something goes wrong — whether it’s vandalism or an actual storm — people need to be able to turn somewhere for help. If you want that type of peace of mind, learn more about how umbrella insurance can augment your existing policies by giving us a call today.

Will Insurance Cover Lasik Surgery

There is a lot a to see and do in Addison, TX but if you aren’t seeing well you will miss out on a lot.  If your vision isn’t clear and you aren’t seeing well you might eventually opt for LASIK surgery.  When you decide to pursue surgery, you might wonder if insurance will pay.  McClure Capital Inc. wants you to be informed should you decide to go this route so the following information is meant to serve as a guide if you decide to move forward with LASIK.

The Big Question:  Is It Covered?

Most of the time, insurance will NOT pay for LASIK. There are exceptions to this rule so it important to do your research.   Most insurance companies will make allowances for people serving in the military who meet certain requirements.  In these cases,  surgery requires prior authorization before it can be done and it must be done in a military facility.

If a person is a civilian and plays sports or is in the entertainment business it may be possible to get insurance to cover LASIK.  People serving in certain service professions- like firefighters or police officers might also be able to get insurance authorization.

If a person has a medical condition like severe allergies, severe dry eyes, or has an intolerance to contacts and has documentation of their condition insurance might pay for LASIK.

Next Question:  What About a Discount?

The insurance company will usually work with the provider to offer a discount.  When you see the total for the surgery make sure to ask about a discount if it isn’t listed.

McClure Capital Inc. wants the people of Addison, TX to see everything there is to see so they encourage people to call or email with questions or concerns when it comes to this.

What Is Umbrella Insurance, and Why Do I Need It?

You have a comprehensive array of insurance policies – or so you think. Even if you have auto and home coverage, there is probably one type of insurance that you haven’t considered, and that you likely need to have. It’s umbrella insurance, and here are the basics on it.

Definition of Umbrella Insurance

Just as carrying an umbrella protects you from getting rained on during a downpour, umbrella insurance protects you from the ramifications of liability claims not covered under specific insurance policies like auto. For example, if you have a liability claim against your auto insurance that exceeds the limits of your auto coverage, umbrella insurance kicks in to cover the difference – if you have an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance is typically low in cost compared to the coverage provided by a policy.

Reasons to Have Umbrella Insurance

As is true with any type of insurance, umbrella insurance protects you from situations that you could never have anticipated. It gives you peace of mind that you’ll be covered in the event of a liability claim not covered by your other insurance policies. Umbrella insurance can help to avert situations in which someone’s assets are at risk because they didn’t have enough coverage to pay for a claim when their auto and home liability coverage ran out. Given that umbrella insurance is available at such a low cost, it makes sense to have it, especially when you consider what the repercussions could be if you don’t have an umbrella policy and have a liability claim that’s impossible to pay.

If you’d like more information about umbrella insurance and want to know what type of policy would suit your needs, give us a call or email us today. At McClure Capital Inc. we serve the Addison, TX area and help you stay protected from life’s storms.

Can I get a policy to protect my business from crime?

At McClure Capital Inc. serving Addison, TX we provide many kinds of policies which protect businesses from loss. Unfortunately, when the loss occurred because of a crime, the loss might not be covered under a standard policy. You can protect yourself by adding protection against certain situations.

A policy may pay losses on a loss-sustained basis, meaning that it pays for losses that happened during the policy period, or on a discovery basis, meaning it pays for losses that could have happened at any time, based on when they were discovered. Sometimes, for instance, you might not notice the loss of a piece of equipment or jewelry because you have simply not used it for a long time, so you didn’t notice it was missing. Either kind of policy requires that you learn about the crime during the policy period, or during an extended reporting period.

These are the basic kinds of policies you can get to protect your business from crime:

  1. A loss of glass and money policy pays for damages from a break-in, where glass may have been shattered to gain entry.
  2. A robbery and safe burglary policy covers property than money or securities and is a more limited form of coverage.
  3.  A forgery or alteration policy protects against forgery or alteration of checks or other written instruments.
  4. Theft, disappearance and destruction coverage protects money, securities and other kinds of property, either on or off your property, in the custody or an employee or messenger.

McClure Capital Inc. serving Addison, TX is here to serve all your commercial business needs. Stop by or call to learn about the best options that will suit your business.